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The Industry Leader in Automotive Recycling!

Quality, Service & Value

Our goal is to give our customers confidence and peace of mind when buying a recycled part from EL&M Auto Recycling.

Our standard 6-month hassle-free warranty is the first step in reaching our goal and we can provide one year or more of extended warranty protection, economically.

We offer direct delivery service daily in fully enclosed box trucks to businesses in Central and Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We also ship anywhere in the United States.

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Better Manufacturing Technology Means Better Powertrain Components.

The single factor that separates a great powertrain remanufacturer from a merely good one is manufacturing technology. Our reman partner has spared no expense in this important area. Simply put, if you want to see the highest technology equipment, the most intelligent engineering and the best practices in powertrain remanufacturing today, all you need to do is visit one of our remanufacturing partner’s plants where hundreds of reliable powertrain components are remanufactured per day. For this reason, the quality of the reman products we sell is actually visually apparent. When you see one of our powertrain components for the first time, you’ll understand what we mean. People who know powertrain components, notice the difference between our products and the ones they’ve seen before immediately upon visual inspection.

Why use Green Recycled Parts?

The recycling of vehicles is the ideal choice for our planet. The number one product that is recycled on the planet is the automobile. When we recycle, it allows us to help the environment in many ways; deadly chemicals are not released back into our planet, we avoid over using our precious landfills, and by decreasing the need for new parts to be made. The use of recycled auto parts for your vehicles not only saves you money it helps to save the environment.


Outstanding Warranties

Our standard part warranty is 90 days on all parts. We also offer value-priced extended one year warranties.

A - 1 Shipping

We offer direct delivery service to businesses in parts of  New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Fantastic Customer Service

Our focus is to provide the highest quality parts, with the best possible service to all our customers.

Environmentally Conscience

We are strongly committed to protecting our environment by maintaining policies and procedures designed to have zero impact on groundwater.

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