1. **Ownership Stability**: Since September 2000, EL&M Auto Recycling has been under its current ownership. This stability indicates a long-standing commitment to the business and its customers, fostering trust and reliability.

2. **Focus on Value**: EL&M Auto Recycling prides itself on delivering the best value in the industry. This means offering high-quality parts coupled with exceptional service to ensure customer satisfaction. By prioritizing value, EL&M aims to provide customers with products and services that exceed expectations.

3. **Quality Assurance**: Every part sold by EL&M Auto Recycling undergoes a rigorous cleaning, inspection, and testing process before delivery. This commitment to quality assurance ensures that customers receive parts that are in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of defects or failures.

4. **Efficient Delivery Service**: EL&M Auto Recycling operates five fully enclosed box trucks daily for its delivery service. This level of operational efficiency enables prompt and reliable delivery of parts to customers, enhancing convenience and satisfaction.

5. **Nationwide Shipping**: In addition to local delivery services, EL&M Auto Recycling offers nationwide shipping via UPS or freight truck. This broad shipping capability allows customers from across the country to access EL&M’s quality parts and services.

6. **Walk-In Customers Welcome**: EL&M Auto Recycling warmly welcomes walk-in customers. This accessibility provides an opportunity for customers to personally visit the facility, interact with staff, and explore available parts and services firsthand.

Overall, EL&M Auto Recycling’s commitment to quality, value, and customer service is evident in its long-standing ownership, stringent quality assurance processes, efficient delivery options, nationwide shipping services, and welcoming approach to walk-in customers. These elements collectively contribute to EL&M’s reputation as a trusted and reliable provider in the auto recycling industry.


In addition to our focus on quality and service, we are also strongly committed to protecting our Pinelands environment by maintaining policies and procedures designed to have zero impact on groundwater.

All inbound vehicles are inspected to be sure there are no fluids leaking. During the indoor dismantling process

  • Every vehicle has all fluids removed before they enter our yard storage area.
  • We inspect the property and storage areas monthly to verify that no issues are present that could result in any kind of leakage.

We are also part of the official Green Recycled Parts™ network.

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