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Cut Sheets - EL & M Auto Recycling

Click the link to download a printable cut-sheet.

2 Door Uni-Body
4 Door Uni-Body
4 Door Full - Frame
Extended Cab
Quad Cab
Full - Size Van
Mini Van

One of the Automotive Recycling Association’s goals is to create a unified description of recycled parts, thereby promoting all forms of commerce in automotive recycling. To reach this goal, all parties selling, buying, and installing recycled parts need the common language represented by this standard.

The ARA has created this standard as an inclusive, cooperative effort between everyone interested in recycled automotive parts, interchange standards, and recycling. The click on the documents below to  download information.

ARA Parts Descriptions

Part Type Categories

ARA Parts Damage Locator

ARA Parts Grading

ARA Wheel Grading

Color Codes

I-Car Cut Lines

ARA Recycled Parts Guide

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