Nation Wide Standards

Each PRP alliance member uses an identical quality assurance program based on ISO 9000 standards. The result is a nationwide label that delivers consistently high quality parts and maximizes consumer, collision center, and estimator confidence.

Reduced Cycle Time

PRP members ship and deliver parts faster than our competitors. All PRP alliances share inventories regionally and nationally, with a nationwide trucking system that is both fast and dependable. Immediate parts availability with a 24 hour in-stock shipping policy means collision centers get what they need fast!

No Supplements and No Surprises

We pay any supplements on our parts and communicate with the estimator and repairer so there wont be any surprises.

Industry’s Strongest Guarantee

Every sheet metal part comes with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion perforation. Every single part purchased comes with a minimum of a 90 day part warranty, with 1-year, 3 year, and lifetime parts and labor guarantees also offered!

Quote Guarantee

Our quotes are guaranteed a minimum of 7 days. If the part we quoted has been sold to another customer, we’ll find you another part.*

*  Based on availability
Estimator Convenience

Contact any PRP regional alliance. One call, fax, or e-mail will guarantee a quote back within 15 minutes or less!

No Hassle Return Policy

No hassle Return Policy, Including standard cuts!

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